Ceiling Fan Installation in Jefferson Township, NJ

Ceiling Fan Installation In Jefferson Township, NJ

Ceiling Fans add beauty and function to just about any room in the house.  Whether you have low or high ceilings, small or large rooms, you can enhance your living room, master bedroom, office, den, dining room, kitchen or kid’s room with a new ceiling fan. Orr Electrical’s local electricians are licensed and bonded and do your electrical job correct the first time. When installing your home ceiling fan, it is critical that your certified electrician does the following:

  1. Takes all safety measures
  2. Use the proper components to support your new fan 
  3. Comply with the National Electrical Code (NEC)

Our technicians at Orr Electrical are experts at ceiling fan installation and electric repair and you can always trust us to get the job done the right way, the first time. Our Jefferson Township, NJ ceiling fan Installation service includes:

  • Insure circuit breaker compatibility with fanCeiling Fan Installation NJ
  • Preserve the work area with protective coverings
  • Cut power to designated installation site
  • Removal of existing fixture
  • NEC compliance
  • Precise positioning
  • Expert installation
  • Resume power
  • Test for functionality
  • Fan blade balancing
  • Leave installation site clean

Orr Electrical can install your ceiling fan at any height, anywhere, even if there is no existing fixture.  Our workmanship is top rated and we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our ceiling fan installations, so you can always feel cool and secure.   

How to Choose a Ceiling Fan For Your Jefferson Township, NJ Home

Choosing the right ceiling fan depends on varying factors.  Larger fans can overpower a smaller room, while spacious rooms with vaulted ceilings can swallow up a smaller fan.  The size of the fan’s motor in conjunction with the size of the room will also determine the effectiveness of your fan’s cooling range.    

Installing a Ceiling Fan Can Reduce Cooling Bills for Jefferson Township, NJ Residents

Summertime is the perfect season for enjoying a new ceiling fan. The circulatory breeze offers a natural cooling effect that will limit the need for expensive air conditioning. On the warmest days of summer, using your ceiling fan in conjunction with air conditioning means that you can keep your system at higher temperatures, which will cut costs on your monthly electric bill.  

Ceiling Fans Can Also Reduce Heating Costs for Jefferson Township, NJ Residents

Ceiling fans are not just for summer. In the winter time, you can conveniently set your ceiling fan to the reverse mode.  As heat rises, your ceiling fan will re-circulate the air around the room, so you can reduce heating costs by lowering heating temperatures and the duration you will need your heater.

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